1. Well-Equipped Classrooms:- Spacious and well-lit classrooms with comfortable seating arrangements.
    2. Modern Teaching Aids: Use of projectors, whiteboards, and interactive boards to enhance teaching.
      4. Library: A wide range of books, journals, and digital resources for reference and study.
    5. Wi-Fi Access: Reliable internet access throughout the center for students and staff.
    6. Study Rooms Quiet and comfortable spaces for individual study and group discussions.
    7. Counseling Services: Academic and career counseling to guide students in their educational journey.
    8. Mock Test Facilities: Regular mock tests and assessments to prepare students for exams.
     Recording Studio: For creating and recording online lectures and tutorials.

    12. **First Aid and Medical Services**: Basic medical facilities and first aid for emergencies.
    13. **Transport Services**: Shuttle services for easy commuting to and from the center.
    14. **Security Systems**: CCTV surveillance and security personnel to ensure a safe environment.
    15. **Administration Office**: Efficient administrative support for smooth operations and student inquiries.
    16. **Parent-Teacher Meeting Room**: Dedicated space for discussions with parents about student progress.
    17. **Hostel Facilities**: Accommodation for outstation students with necessary amenities.
    18. **Workshops and Seminars**: Regularly organized to provide additional learning opportunities.
    19. **Extracurricular Activities**: Clubs and activities to foster overall personality development.
    20. **Feedback Mechanism**: System for collecting and addressing student and parent feedback for continuous improvement.